Thursday, 3 March 2011

secret: 10 minute blog

i am just about to go out with my lovely girls, to have beer and then dance our night away at bill's. i haven't been at bill's since australia day.

it's trashy, and sordid, and sometimes the music is unacceptably bad (as opposed to acceptably bad, which i find most pop music to be) but i love it there.

and it's snowy, and i have been granted a late start tomorrow, so i can go riding until midday...

and i am doing fresh tracks, which means getting up mega early and getting in an extra half hour on the hill, with other friends and their parents (who, in a twist to the story, are friends of MY parents).

and after friday, i do not have to work for close to a month.

because i am going back to australia on saturday.

these reasons, and many more, give me a simple kind of happiness and satisfaction that money can't buy...

and that is my ten minute blog.

now i have to go warm up my dancing muscles. so i can whip my hair back n forth.

chyeah i did.

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