Thursday, 30 December 2010

secret: sucked into a little black cloud

despite the bluebird day, and the person who donated candy at work, i just got home and i feel that damn black cloud over me...

i'm tired. i'm poor. i'm meant to be going out to dinner and i can't afford it, and i'm sure if i said so someone would pay for me, but that will make me feel worse. i was thinking some dancing might fix it, if the dancing is free of course...

i really feel like staying home, eating a baked 'tato and drinking some whiskey. but drinking alone is antisocial, and verging on alcoholic. isn't it? i don't know.

so i shall go out, and have beer for dinner, and feel all is right with the world until tomorrow morning when i am hungover and poorer and i have to work. bleah. see why i don't want to go out?

bad company as well. sigh. lucky i'm a good faker.

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