Wednesday, 29 December 2010

neither secret nor treasure: observations of the day

  • boys sing falsetto with their eyes closed. why is that? i love this cover, even though it's pop, because it's a catchy song with a cute boy singing it. 

  • i woke up this morning with both my ears blocked. everything has been a little off today. it makes me burrow deep into myself, and think about things i have avoided for a while. i need to go back to australia soon for a visit, figure some shit out. i don't know what i want to do or where to go next!! there is a war inside my head, because i want to stay where i am, live day by day, at peace... there is the other half saying 'you are a ski bum, make a plan, think of all the things you could be doing!'.
  • i really want a haircut, but i am so defensive of my hair at the same time. it took me a long time to grow it and i love it... but i also want a fringe. i think i will ask my friend melissa to cut me one...
  • i feel like i haven't done anything that classifies as "young and reckless" since Halloween. that's why i'm in whistler, right? i guess new year's eve is up and coming. time to get loose, methinks.
  • i want to do an open mic night this season! richard the swede is going to make it happen, i can just tell.
  • i am going riding tomorrow morning. nothing will stop me.
  • i quite enjoy writing lists with dot points. makes me feel efficient.

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