Tuesday, 14 December 2010

happy birthday jo

dear jo,

i hope you have the happiest of birthdays. 25 has been good to me so far, and i hope it treats you well...

jo, you have always been a good friend. i like that you ask me about what i'm doing with my music and writing, it reminds me to keep going because i do love it, but sometimes i forget. i love that you have encouraged and celebrated with me my move to canada. i do sincerely hope you come over to shred with me sometime...

i admire your upcoming adventure to nepal, and am quietly jealous. i look forward to hearing about it... seeing the outcomes music-wise...

i have so much respect for you in your pursuit of your creative passions. i have huge envy of people who aim to make the thing they love their career, and i am certain you will continue to succeed.

you deserve all good things.

including this blog-cake, as is tradition. if your name was gilbert, it would be perfect.

love you jo.

xx Happy Birthday

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