Saturday, 1 January 2011

farewell to 2010, the year of no sex

yeah i thought i'd catch your attention with that title.

not to overshare, but yeah, 2010, no sex.

this is the first full year i've been single since i was about sixteen. i love it. i think boys suck. i am not getting romantically attached to anything less than a man next time. for those of you curious, a man is someone who possesses a semblance of emotional maturity, possibly reads books, possibly is capable of fixing things, has opinions founded on knowledge rather than stubbornness.

just thought i'd put the list out there.

it wasn't intentional to have no sex. it happened because i can't, despite well-meant advice, sleep with someone i'm not attracted to just because. even drunk, i am remarkably picky. there was that time when i got face-raped in the back of a friend's van... i still maintain that he fell onto me.

'nuf said.

i felt my lack of sex this year just ending deserved a post because, despite what they say, i did live through it. but i will not do another year the same. i may have to leave whistler. i don't want to catch anything, after all.

i think 2011 is going to be different.

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