Monday, 10 January 2011


best and worst week ever.

boys and beers and epic powder and more beers

then collisions and people leaving town, and ice, ice baby

this song is the one i like right now:
(golden years by bliss n eso)
It's the warmth when it's cold and it's stormin It's driftin off to the sound of the rain It's gettin up, gettin goals in the mornin It's liftin up from the ground with your flame It's the strength to with stand life lessons It's the clock as the hand strikes seconds It's my movie, where every memory's a color I collect to expand my spectrum It's the simple days, Childhood here now, then it's gone in an instant Back when the wall around my world was a little to high to see beyond in the distance It's the smell of my mitt in the fresh grass Little league, and the times that I'm so free It's snow days, Martachello park When the sleds hit the hills and their flyin through the oak trees It's the kid who collects cards, back in 91 summertime comin out the store and It's the fact he's unrappin the pack with a smile on his dial cause he's scorin the Jordan Past times, I hold em dear. It's Maryland Virginia, bold and clear The way the leaves on those trees in the streets would fall in the fall, all to paint my golden years and yeah Chorus: X2 When the Sky's gray, I live on light rays I've written every page of my life's play I've drawn through my eyes I've colored outside the lines Tryin to hold these golden years that are flashin by

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