Tuesday, 17 August 2010

treasure: bananas, blueberries, strawberries

i like smoothies.

i had a lovely smoothie on friday with mitch, my housemate. we ate breakfast wraps, a wonderful thing i'd never experienced before coming to canada. we had smoothies. then we looked at all the stuff, the people and whatnot, around the village for the crankworx festival.

then we went to the lake, smoked a joint and lay in the sun where i pretended to read a book.

i am not really a smoker but smoking at the lake and then laying there, blissful and snug in the sun, was just what the doctor ordered. it was my first weekend off since february. loved it. loved every single bit of it.

so listen, lack of readers: i have things i want to achieve. i want to write a short story. i want to play and sing at an open mic night. i want these things to happen before 2011 hits. also i want to have the very best halloween costume ever.

you, my lack of readers, you have to hold me to this.

ok? ok.

i think my short story is going to be a typically angsty 'trying to find my place in the world' story based loosely on myself and people i have met in whistler, as that's all there is in the way of people... anyone from 19 to 40, trying to get their shit together in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

and i think my open mic will include a song by kate miller-heidke, a song by death cab, and some other ones too.

i'm open to suggestions.

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