Monday, 23 August 2010

secret: whimsy

my crazy sunday night: into town at 10pm. one beer which lasts til 11.30, one sneaky smoke outside, making faces and random chitchat with friendly pretty blonde quebecans who work with my housemate nic, leave the bar at 12.20am, cup of earl grey london fog from moguls, where the boys look at me like i'm an alien (or am i just projecting 'i'm an alien'? don't know), one bus ride home and a walk up a hill listening to john butler's "revolution".

subsequent whimsy occurs. or maybe i just enjoy the word subsequent.

i really miss my little brothers. i am aiming to stop missing people that aren't around. to be. or should i say, to Be.

i watched 'eat pray love' yesterday. i always watch or read things and get a head filled with ideas, travel plans, ways to Be ... like for instance, go to india and live in an ashram for a month. or several. or, to go to Bali and meet a hot foreign man with a strong nose (strong is a nice way to say big. i like big noses).

i would quite like to be a little more enlightened. for now i shall just accept my need to stare at the full moon on a cloudy night and wish i could play guitar like john butler.

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