Monday, 30 August 2010

treasure: bad decisions

  1. not eating dinner
  2. wearing shoes without socks
  3. ignoring the fact i work tomorrow
  4. being all sneaky, whistler style
  5. not dressing warm... where the fuck did summer go?!
  6. much more
i don't really know what i wanted to happen this evening, but i had no plan, and it all sort of failed me. so i got to the bar at 9.30 and then just wanted to be home. so i'm all cozy at home now, with my wine which i stole from mitch (but he did say i could) and beyonce, among other things, playing on the stereo.
sometimes i don't even recognize myself, oh the terrible decisions i make. this week is going to be another corker i can just tell. i need to sort myself out, and just maybe Be Organized.
i have started work on my story, but at the moment it's just the story of failed love. embellished to make it funnier than it is. because in reality it's not funny, it's more than a little sad. but there is comedy in pathetic stalker behaviour, correct? i think so.
i'm working on my karma at the moment. ANY DAY NOW, something wonderful will happen to me. i'm actually hoping it all will save up and i'll have an amazing powder season with a small amount of random romance. a sprinkling. just a sprinkling will do.
failing that i'd be happy with a fuckload of snow.

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