Thursday, 19 August 2010

secret: general lack thereof

kids, i think i actually have no secrets. slight anxiety.

since i came here, since i let go of the boring, blandness of it all (not that i didn't choose it for myself), of the working and the gym-going and the careful calculations, the planning and the writing of lists, the desire to start screaming randomly mid-conversation, yes, since i left all that, i am somewhat an open book.

my blog is really only answers to questions i wish people would ask me, but i'm not all cut up about it, it's just really to practice writing so when i get started on Real Writing, i have some material.

i don't care if you know i love pop music, i don't care if my jokes are stupid, i don't care what you think of what i wear or where i work, i don't care if you have a problem with my drinking habits.

i don't care if you know i am in love with you, not really. although i guess i'm not going to publish names, but if you really need to know, i will have no hesitation in telling you.

i don't care that i haven't immersed myself in one night stands since i've been single. i don't care who knows that i haven't had any action since may last year.

i'm daggy, i make lame jokes, i'm awkward about doing nice things for people even though i do nice things for people all the time, about physical affection unless i really really love you like my brother/sister, i should exercise more and shave my legs more often, and probably wax my eyebrows. but

i. do. not. care.

there you are, there you have it. i'm enlightened.

and right now i really fucking love beyonce.

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