Thursday, 12 August 2010

secret: cigarettes, alcohol, wishes

i'm not sure what this post is about, but i am all whimsical tonight- i had dinner, wines and tobacco with my lovely housemate nicole, and another friend jon, and now i'm sitting on YouTube listening to covers of songs i love by randoms with webcams. they'll let anyone on the internet these days (i mean, look, they let me have a blog).
I am on the verge of my first whole weekend since i finished up at my second job. I have many glorious plans, like dancing all night on friday at DJ nu mark (who is apparently a big deal, but i just like to dance, i'm not fussy), watching a cheese rolling competition and then slopestyle for crankworx, a big bike festival which is on at the moment. crankworx makes me miss my lovely brothers, who would be so much more stoked to be here than i am. i spoke to them both recently, and woke up homesick this morning.
i'm on the brink of something. time to myself. writing, music. the air, the flowers (so many daisies by the side of the road). realizations. i'm scared.
bring it on.

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