Saturday, 5 June 2010

treasure: long lost friends

missing people you love comes and goes.

i think i miss people because i remember how good it is to have them around- so it's part nostalgia, really. i miss times in my life, and the people that were there for them.

i miss working at the Retreat Hotel in melbourne, and being able to walk in feeling like i owned the place. i miss the deliciousness of free knock-off drinks, i miss flirting with bar staff.

i miss the invincible feeling of being in yr12, of getting marks back and doing better than nearly everyone else (except for my damn intelligent friends), of wearing whatever i wanted and pretending it was uniform.

i miss sunny days in the middle of winter, in new england, laying on a foamie on mum's deck at rockvale while my stepdad cooked us barbeque.

i already miss winter in whistler, and riding with hugh on christmas day, and the egg, and the nogg, that me, bridget, sam and hugh drank in copious amounts. copious being the operative word... it's nice to be blurrily drunk for christmas dinner.

i miss hanging out with ellie, at her mum's place constantly picking mel's hair off my clothes (mel being a small mainly white dog) and watching gilmour girls. i miss that one time at coogee where we went and smoked sneaky ciggarettes and confessed our failings.

i miss my brothers and swapping drunk stories! more than anything. they are two of the coolest human beings on the planet, prettymuch.

but on the flipside, i have all these friends here, right now, living the same life i am living, seeing the amazing things i am seeing.

i want to love all these people right now, so i can miss them later.

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  1. sistah, i relate. so very much.

    <3 <3 <3

    and i miss mel too. little hairy mel. and waffles at kentucky.