Saturday, 12 June 2010

secret: there are mountains behind all that fog

when i look out from my balcony, there should be a whole entire mountain peeking through the trees. but alas, for the last few weeks, i have not seen my beautiful Whistler mountain. the stupid fog is hiding it.

i had a fantastic winter, and i don't use fantastic lightly, as i feel it sounds simultaneously over-cheery and sarcastic. so. my winter here was fantastic. there was record-breaking amounts of snow, i learned to snowboard and loved it. snowboarding is the only activity i've come across so far in my life where all i think about while i'm on the mountain IS snowboarding. i cannot really explain why this is so amazing to me, but it's all very zen, i am one with the mountain, etc.

i fell in love with the mountain a little bit. wierdly enough when i say mountain, i mean both whistler and blackcomb mountains, but they are known by everyone as 'the mountain', as in "are you headed up the mountain today?". i fell in love with winter, mountains, furry boots, snow.
then i started to run out of money, and started to get a bit panicky, having never had a debt before. so i worked like a crazy person.

in hindsight i should have let the debt ride a little, after all, it was all the way in australia. then i could have had some quality time with my mountain.

last night i sat on my deck with housemates, drank wine and talked about boarding. and i ached for winter. i made vows that i would learn to freeride, which is hitting jumps and whatnot on the sides of runs. i made vows i would be a powder-riding genius, re-invent the art of tree runs. i did drink a fair amount of wine- enough to get idealistic.

i am really trying to be excited about summer, and i think it would help my excitement if the sun came out and the fog stopped hiding the mountain.

especially on my days off. so for now, i am going to eat a stupidly big breakfast at wildwoods and then attempt to make cookies.

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