Wednesday, 20 November 2013

30pictureschallenge: Day 18 (I'm kind of a big deal)

I'd date me, ya know?

I'm at this point where I've been single for long enough that it seems quite normal again. The idea of some person hanging around all the time expecting me to laugh at their jokes and remember things they did during the week so I can ask pertinent questions of them, well, honestly, doesn't that seem a little strange to you? 

On the flip side, I have started to think about just how good I would be to date. You laugh, but I thought I'd talk myself up a little as a fun sort of exercise (we never really do this so blatantly, do we?) and I'm hereby giving you all permission to do the exact same. Not about yourselves though, about me.

Just kiddin'. Or am I?

Without further ado, here are the reasons that I'd date me:
  1. I am clever. I know some big words, but graciously never attempt to use them unless I'm into my 3rd beer or 2nd glass of wine. I have some edumacation about my person, which I think makes me interesting to talk to at parties.
  2. I can read. I do it all the time. I'm doing it now. I read all sorts of stuff, but thankfully can rarely be snobby about it because I'm no good at name dropping, in that I promptly forget who books are by and sometimes even what happens in them, exactly. 
  3. I write things. This means I think about things too, which I feel is a bonus. I like to feed my creative brain, which means I like to grab ideas and run with them, which means I need quiet time where it looks like I'm watching YouTube, but really there are things ticking over. It means I collect zines and other forms of writing that inspire me. My bookshelves are always full. I try not to be a writer-bragger, which means I probably won't ask you to read my blog, but I will be secretly touched if you do. It still surprises me when people say they've read it. I like that. Thanks, readers.
  4. I believe in stuff, and like having discussions about it with people who are friendly about disagreeing with me when I am clearly right.
  5. I like rituals and routines, but only the fun ones. There's not a regular day I do my washing, and there's not a time of day I have to shower, but I do have breakfast almost every week with my lovely friends Nevanka and Elsie, followed by thrift shopping, followed by free time at home. I have lunch with my mum every Thursday. Some rituals are fun.
  6. I like spontaneous activities. My favourite of those is probably unexpected dinner at Kate and Phill's house. I also like to go to the movies at almost the drop of a hat. Why, one time, we did both of those things in a day, and I was just in heaven. I am not always spontaneous though, it's not crazy all up in here, just occasionally. Spontaneously.
  7. My friends are awesome (see above: dinner at Kate and Phill's). They dress up for Halloween parties, they are absolutely fantastic at activities which include but are not limited to drinking, dancing, watching stuff, eating, cooking, skiing and snowboarding, planking (remember that, guys?), hiking, biking (even though I do not bike, I can recognise that is a cool activity for some) and much, much more. 
  8. I wear pretty dresses, most times.
  9. I am not unsightly.
  10. I have a very, very cool van called Maude which is good for adventures.
I think 10 things is enough, for now anyway. I don't want to intimidate you all any more than this, except maybe with these awesome pictures.


  1. Ahaha I remember planking! Pretty dresses is always a win.
    You sound lovely!