Monday, 4 November 2013

30pictureschallenge: Day 15

this is about that time it was Halloween.

i'm often of two minds about dressing up in costume. on the one hand, i put a lot of completely unnecessary pressure on myself to think of something good that will look great on the night, which inevitably makes me not want to go to the party at ALL (stubborn like that), and on the other hand, i really love costume parties, which is a fact i always forget when i'm having the costume-based moment of anxiety.

this saturday night just passed was such an occasion. we decided to have a party, we picked a date, we made a facebook event, it loomed, we planned, i vaguely wondered what i'd wear and then all of a sudden, BAM, it was the night before.

cut to me with no costume laughing nervously in the corner. perhaps hyperventilating a little, because you can't not go to your own party just because you don't have a costume. or can you?

no, no you can't.

obviously, as the picture i've posted above indicates, i did in fact figure something out. so i share with abandon my recipe for Halloween costume success:

1) freak out a bit
2) go online to Pinterest and try to get inspiration which inevitably makes you freak out more
3) look at what you have in your wardrobe, realise there's a dress in there you've never worn....
4) build entire concept around dress
5) buy facepaint intending to paint skull onto face
6) watch youtube videos and realise how difficult a task this would be
7) take your brother's advice, which is "just start painting and see what happens"
8) recalibrate expectations
9) paint another layer of paint over the other paint as your insurance policy
10) add hairspray and a petticoat

you win! you win at Halloween!

turns out i had a grand old time, and all the guests dressed up too, which made me happy.

and that is the story of Halloween.

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