Monday, 15 April 2013

treasure: Pinterest

I have to admit, I'm pretty into many of the popular social media platforms on offer, with the exception of Twitter. I can't figure out why I don't use Twitter, as I have tried to get into it several times with very little success. I can't keep the momentum of Twitter going, whereas staying active on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest is a slice of cake, a walk in the park.

Actually to be fair, Blogger has been neglected recently. But I'm working to redeem that.

I wanted to write about my obession with Pinterest. I think one of my favourite bloggers Pip Lincolne says it best in her blog when she notes "[Pinterest] is like a little holiday for the heart and mind". I use it almost daily and just never really get sick of it.

If you're not on Pinterest already, the extolling if its virtues that I'm doing here comes with a warning. It's addictive. It basically works like a digital pinboard, where you collect and 'pin' pictures that you like. You can have many many pinboards, all dedicated to different areas. You can pin from Pinterest only (a huge collection of images that are added to daily by Pinterest's users and can be searched as an image database), you can add your own images, or you can install a little 'Pin It' button that sits on your browser toolbar and means if you see something on a website you like, you can take an image from it to put on your pinboard.

It's being used quite effectively by a lot of businesses, who I follow on Pinterest (you can follow in the same way you follow your friends movements on Facebook, or "Like" and follow celebrities and businesses too). When an image is 'pinned' from a website, you can simply click on the image to be taken directly to the website it comes from. This is a clever way to gain more traffic to your website, and it doesn't stop there.

But to be honest I'm not really talking about building your business here. I'm talking about the wonderful joy of Pinterest, as a source of ideas and inspiration. My favourite boards at the moment are my 'style inspiration' board, my 'laughter in my face' board, and my 'when i live in europe' board.

Laughing, dressing up and dreaming of travel are the things that are keeping me happy at the moment. So I thought I'd share some of my favourite pins I've discovered of late, and if you're curious to see just how deep this obsession runs, you can check out my collection of boards here.


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