Wednesday, 17 April 2013

secret: things i hate

today, the things i hate the most include these:

1. the bad mood that makes me hate things i normally laugh about
2. waiting for the results of a brain scan
3. the way my mum makes me feel when she decides said brain scan will reveal tumours and aneurysms all over the place, my brain riddled with failures
4. not having someone in my life that will kiss me and tell me i don't have an aneurysm after my mum is off the phone
5. my headache that necessitated the brain scan
6. the way i put my back out last night by sleeping. SLEEPING. as Kate J very fairly pointed out, "It's meant to be relaxing! You're doing it wrong!".
7. appointments
8. a general lack of painkillers, besides the bottle of wine i fully intend to finish when i get home
9. the fact that the heater is broken in our office... by broken i mean permanently set to hot.
10. the need i felt to write this post. i'd like to be putting some positivity out there, but today is not the day for that hippy nonsense.

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