Thursday, 1 November 2012

a daily challenge: november

i'm keen to start writing again, i just don't know where to start, having both not enough and too much inspiration. a good friend jenny suggested i use fatmumslim's 'photo a day' (of instagram fame) as my prompt, an idea borrowed from another blogger. and it can't hurt, right?

so i'll still be playing along on instagram, but the plan is to also be playing here- to re-post the photo, along with some words. i might write prose, or a poem, or a dot-point list. the only rule is to write something every day. my posts my not go up daily, as on the weekends i have desires and tendencies for escaping to mum's, where the internet is reminiscent of dial-up and therefore wears at my generation Y patience.

here's the list. wish me luck.

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