Monday, 20 February 2012

secret: the end is the beginning is the end is the...

it's started. that time of the year when people leave.

today, the very lovely mitch jacobsen is getting on a plane and leaving the country. he's been here 4 years. i think it was either leave now or apply for residency, buy some flannel and grow a beard... wait....

but seriously folks, it's the end of an era. mitch was one of the first people i met when i got to town. it was the summer of 2009, and my little brother met me after a few beverages to go see the latest harry potter. i met mitch and austin, workfriends of young hugh's, and we went into the cinema- hugh made loud comments regarding the 'hotness' of hermione and ginny, along the lines of "yeah i'd tap that... wooo" and myself, mitch and austin giggled amusedly. it was a nice old time.

i didn't really understand the greatness that was mitch until i was just about to move in with him- i came over to his place in the vale (interesting fact- i now live in the house next door to where he lived) to go over the rental ads together. he cooked me hot dogs. it was so amazing after such a craptacular day at work, i think that was when i fell in love.

he's been a rad housemate since then, generous and always a fan of 'sweets' (dessert). he drove me all around town, he helped me move, basically offered help and friendliness whenever humanly possible. the only thing i don't like is when he picks me up when he hugs me, but he's taken note of that too, and even managed to remember not to do it while 47 drinks deep last night.

i love that guy. my mum loves him too, and always insists on asking why we haven't gotten married yet.

safe travels mitch, and catchya on the flipside.


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