Monday, 20 February 2012

I Never Got A Goggle Tan, and other regrets discovered upon leaving Whistler

I've been here almost 3 years now, and at the end of each season there has always been a bunch of things I didn't do. It's been tough to get things done in the last 2 years particularly, having gained a position at work with some actual Responsibility. This particular facet of adulthood really blows, in that it makes you tired, and your days off become about sleep-ins and laundry.

Faced with the actuality of my leaving town, leaving the country in fact, I thought I would put together a list of sorts, in the hope that one day I shall cross off a few more of these activities.

  • I never rented a house with a hot tub: technically. I did couch-surf our friends place (best house of all time) and quite enjoy their hot tub. sometimes [accidentally] fully clothed.
  • I never road tripped across canada: I got as far as banff, but I did want to make it to toronto and to quebec, even after developing suspicions that all the cool ontarians and quebecois were, in fact, in whistler. and not even all of them were that cool.
  • I never spent a week in mexico drinking my face off: the all-inclusive adventure where you stay in the resort, soaking in the pool and drinking drinks you've already paid for, thusly avoiding any brush with actual mexican culture.
  • I never went to vegas: I always thought I might get married in vegas, but I mean, that could still happen one day. I was only really of that mind after watching "the hangover". looked liked fun. good stories to tell the kids anyhow.
  • I never did karaoke and remembered it: I did sing "time warp" from rocky horror picture show once. but I also drank 3 jugs of beer, so I had to check in with reliable sources/my brother hugh to both confirm I did in fact sing, and then there was the mystery of what I had sung... yikes. hadn't even seen rocky horror picture show at that point, just got dragged along by a friend for the ride. weeeeeee.
  • I never did an open mic night: have promised grace and hayley I will play "heart of gold" so they can play their harmonicas. we'll see.

  • I never hiked the chief/black tusk/rainbow
  • I never did the river of golden dreams
  • I never rode any of the lost lake trails
  • I never did a DH lady's night
  • I never hugged a bear
  • I never saw a moose
  • I never went rock climbing
  • I never went to coachella or sasquatch music festivals

  • I never rode: khybers, christmas trees, VD trees, couloir extreme, fraggle's rock, ANY trees on blackcomb, the glacier, never hiked spankys, never rode any back country, never dropped anything epic.
  • never went snowmobiling in the pow
  • never did anything extreme with either of the infamous taylor brothers
  • never poached a hotel hot tub
  • never did a 180, or a 360
  • never did a winter roadie to revelstoke, kicking horse, banff
  • I never rode in a slush cup- official or otherwise
  • I never got a goggle tan

still, I am young and optimistic. so eventually I'll cross a few of the list... and probably add a few more.


  1. Sounds like you are leaving too soon my friend!

    1. I'm expecting to be back! with a to-do list like that anything else would be inexcusable.