Friday, 17 February 2012

anticipated treasure: australia

well folks, i guess the time has come. i am headed back down under for a whole-hearted attempt at adventures in my home country. thankfully, i have my trusty german man friend, who is going to teach me how to channel my inner german backpacker. i need to get me some socks and sandals.

i'm sure i will wax lyrical on the many goodbyes that i'll have to say, and list The Things I Planned To Do In Canada That I Never Did. but for now, i just want to write a list of the things i'm excited for in australia... can't hardly wait.

  1. meat pies. oh the pastry. they can't make it here. they just can't.
  2. cheese. no, scrap that. dairy products. milk, cheese, yoghurt, icecream. mmmmm.
  3. family (is it bad that came in 3rd? oh well)
  4. magpies singing in the morning
  5. getting a tan. yeah, i know, skin cancer. i'm not going wild with soaking up the rays, i'm just so excited that i won't glow in the dark anymore. i haven't had a tan for a long time, as the summer of 2011 was lacklustre at best.
  6. friends. it's hard to choose who to visit first, but i will visit all of you, and it will be lovely. special mention goes out to mat and tash's little iggy, who is a best friend i haven't met yet.
  7. kate and phill's wedding. just set a date guys. just do it.
  8. beaches: the sand, the water, the sky. the attempt at surfing. byron bay.
  9. tax included in prices, and (sorry to say it) no tipping required.
  10. $2 coins. i like the way they sound when they jingle together in my pocket. and plastic money! you can go swimming with that shit.

runners up to the top ten include beer, mum's place at rockvale, bar etiquette on sydney road, driving on the left hand side of the road, no black ice and good coffee.


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