Thursday, 5 January 2012

treasure: an actual love story

sometimes i am less than optimistic about the state of things, i begin to disbelieve the things romantic comedies have tried to teach me, and i wonder about real love.

for some reason i always assume anyone around my age is just going through a phase with a girlfriend/boyfriend and they'll break up sooner or later. i'm a cynic, even though i know plenty of people in love.

two of my favorites got engaged yesterday, and they've nearly blown my cynicism out of the water. kate and phill are two people who are awesome, and together they are awesome squared, and some days, cubed.

engaged! like adults. i'm prouder than i probably should be, considering i had nothing to do with anything about the awesomeness cubed that is kate and phill, but i am so happy they're getting married. they're right together. phill loves kate's elbows and kate loves phill's manly beard. and much more besides.

i believe in love stories when things like this happen.

happy stuff to you, kate jenkins and phill mitchell. happy stuff forever and ever, cubed.

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