Tuesday, 3 January 2012

secret: 2012 you are so mysterious

it's hard to know whether to look back or to look forward.

2011 started with a reflection on the general lack of sex in 2010. it will please the reader to know (or perhaps fall under a category of "overshare") that i had in fact had sex by mid-January. I meant business. it was terrible sex, but at least it broke the drought. that was the reassurance i put forward to myself anyway. with it came the realisation that it probably wasn't such a bad life decision to abstain from meaningless sex. much more comfortable to instead feed unrequited crushes and become convinced that nobody would ever love me in this hook-up town with it's emotionally stunted male population.

true until late july 2011 when a lovely gorgeous german person decided to find me more interesting than the next girl. i'm still not entirely convinced he didn't make a mistake or that something didn't get lost in translation and he's just too polite to correct my assumption that he was interested. only on bad days though, because most days i think we both feel as lucky as the other one. a rare thing anywhere in the world. i am grateful.

however this is not a blog about all the sex i got in 2011 (by the way, plenty, and that's just to make phill uncomfortable). it's not a blog about how much i love my boyfriend. it's not a blog about romance, well not the kind between a girl and a boy anyway.

it has never been true that there is no love to be found in whistler. and i think it was the year of 2011 that really taught me this lesson.

love can be a very simple thing. i had an excellent season, with some glorious powder days and some truly breathtaking experiences. i loved and loved this place, the very earth stones and snow of it, the trees and the cold cold air making your lungs ache as you come up red chair on a windy day. it loved me back, even when it tumbled me about and made my eyes water.

in march, i went to australia to visit my family for little hugh's 21st. i spent time with my brothers that everything in the whole world ever just could not beat. it is the tiniest of tiny things, to sit by your brother and to just know him. for a long time i didn't know my brothers, and now i do, and they truly are the best.

i reunited with family and friends in melbourne, newcastle, armidale, kentucky, rockvale, sydney. i never really know how much they understand my love of canada, which is just so far away and so different from australia. what they could understand, talking to me, is how happy the place makes me. and i think seeing that someone you love is happy is pretty much all you can ever hope for.

and to return to canada, to be riding in the snow with my besties, who were so happy to see my back, my little whis family... tell me there's not love there!!

the year was all about the fun and the love, and hanging out with my kind of people. i found a place that i liked and stuck with it. excellent people-folk, that's for sure.

2012 holds mysteries in its hot little hands. i have little no idea what will become of me in 2012. it depends on ankles, and visas, and the weather. it's mostly ok not to know, although i have a slight tendency to feel a little more comfortable when i have a plan. there will be some more adventures and hopefully a little joy to be found in the normally boring places.

there's lots of fun to be had with visitors (amy now, stu later this month) and here's hoping for a more comfortable ankle situation sometime soon. like next week... otherwise i'm going to have to do another season.

i am certain there will be more love for me that i can conceive of at this point, huddled under the covers with only my laptop for warmth.

one thing more: 2012 will have blogs in it. i cannot promise anything of their quality, relevance or quantity. but they will be there.

happy 2012.

and no, i have no resolutions.

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