Monday, 12 December 2011

treasure: the stars, the moon

most of the nights in whistler have been crystal clear of late. despite the fact this means it's not snowing, i am slightly enchanted. it's cold; you have to keep moving (one is not so enchanted, let's say, waiting at the bus stop for a bus that's late at this time of night in these temperatures).

as i walk home it is nice to be alone with my thoughts and the sweet sounds of florence and the machine (click here) breathing into my ears. the cold makes my humanness seem more real to me, warmer and more tangible by stark contrast.

sometimes "i'm just a human" is my mantra. i need to take care it is not an excuse. i had a wonderful unplanned meal with kate, phill, sister kate, grace, mitch and paul tonight (woohoo 50% off sushi!) and had a really good time. i wondered to myself why i was walking away from them to come home early, but my instincts (after being in the store all day with 50% off everything) stood me in good stead. i had a great time because they are all such easy people to know, anything and everything is fodder for jokes. there is a lot of laugher and i love them all for it.

my crime here is being a human, i guess. i abandoned them for warm and bed, but as i walked home and breathed in a clear canadian winter night (trying super hard not to slip on ice) i didn't want to rush up the hill. in the distance there was yellow light peeking out the window of our little house. the promise of warmth was enough.

it's the breath and the promise that crystallizes things and makes me reality check my complaints and insecurities.

i am happy and i should shut up.

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