Saturday, 24 December 2011

secret: all i wanna do is get christmas drunk

rum and eggnog, whistler brewery christmas seasonal ale, fireball, red wine.

christmas drunk is nice for a variety of reasons; the list above and the list below:
  1. everyone else is drunk too.
  2. there is eating to go with the drinking, so nothing gets too out of control, and you feel generally warm and fuzzy and buzzy instead of crazytown.
  3. it's tasty! the high sugar content in christmas beverages means it's like eating loads of candy that makes you extra happy.
  4. even in whistler, where most of us have to work at some point, everyone is generally pretty chilled because of the constant state of inebriation.
  5. continuous drinking means no real hangover.
  6. other stuff i can't remember right now.

i intend to enjoy my christmas buzz immensely. i like to buzz, it's a fun time.

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