Tuesday, 14 June 2011

secret: even though i'm a woman

i'm all shades of enlightened recently. i've fallen out of love. i've witnessed karma. i've been inspired to see that other people besides myself hurt, and love, and all the whatnot that goes with that.

i'm all comfy n cosy and not a little self-impressed, and i offer no apologies. i wouldn't dare to call myself wise, but with everything that's happened recently, and i haven't wanted to bore y'all with it, i have sort of realised some things.

everyone's a stranger, but i've managed to collect myself the very best collection of strangers whistler could offer up. i sat tonight at the canucks game in Dusty's, the best pub in town, and looked out on my collection of strangers, and i realised i loved them all, a little bit. or a lot. how weird and wonderful to have met the people i know.

i'm staying here for now, and the decision doesn't scare me or make me shaky. so there.

the only thing that's always bothering me is the feeling that i keep meeting people that could be something, and i mean BE something, just as they leave town. but that is the way, and there will be others. i don't believe in soul mates after all. if i did i'd be screwed.

midnight wisdom.

you're welcome.

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