Monday, 12 January 2015

Day 8/365

On the incredible captivating power of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

Periodically I become obsessed with Steig Larsson's Lisbeth Salander. While I love the 2nd and 3rd books of the trilogy because we get to learn the depths of her story, the first installment in Larsson's Millenium trilogy allows her to be a stranger to us. Fresher in my mind are the movie and graphic novel depictions of her, where the statements of her difference are made through haircut, piercings, clothing and of course the eponymous dragon tattoo. 

I find it interesting how she's meant to be dark and foreign to her own people and fucked up and something of a sociopath. I want to be her friend; to acknowledge that the world is a shitty place, and that everything's here to serve old rich white men. I want to give her power of her own; not to fix her or heal her or teach her to love again, but to just say yes, you're right. World is fucked.

I am a fangirl, that's how much I love Lisbeth. I loved the movies (both of them; I care deeply for Rooney Mara's Lisbeth, even though Noomi Rapace's Swedish depiction is the one I'd choose to kick some patriarchal arse with), I love the books, and most recently, the graphic novel interpretation put together by the likes of Denise Mina. Amazing. I'm in love all over again. 

I love that she gets to attack, torture and tattoo her rapist. I love that she works the system under straight-disguise to steal all the monies by way of brains and cunning. I love that she's so intelligent and socially non-compliant. I love that she gets to pick her own ending. I love that she saves the man at the end. 

I'm growing to really appreciate a murder mystery. I'm particularly loving the ones with female sleuths. Fuck yeah! Clever sassy ladies catching out murderous men! Best.

If you haven't watched or read it, do it. And do it soon.

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