Friday, 2 January 2015

Day 2/365

let me explain to you about me and FOMO.

i'm often curious about whether i'm an introvert or an extrovert. the part of me that hates people and planned social events suspects i'm an introvert. the part of me that loves shit-talking, hanging out with people who excel at puns and emphasizing articulate points (fuelled by gin or whisky or microbrews) by banging tables loudly at public establishments thinks that extroverts have all the fun.

FOMO is the fear of missing out. sometimes i like to think i am part of things that other people see on the internet and wish they were also a part of. more often, i see the things the Other People from The Internet are up to and somewhat wish i was one of those guys. the ones who are laughing and all knowing each other and have wonderful posture. 

tonight, i am dead-on-ma-feet tired. the kind of tired where i got home from work at 4 and have watched 4 episodes of season 5 of Gilmore girls. i had popcorn and malteasers for dinner (it's Christmas leftovers, ok?). i've slept about 7 hours in the past 72 on account of the Brisbane heat and the insomnia and the New Year's and the thunderstorm last night. i had to work today when 85% of my office did not.

as a side note - in season 5, Lorelai and Luke get together and it's been building basically the entire series, and i just really do not think that enough is made of it. and Luke has the most fantastic and muscular broad shoulders and he's only ever gruff because of his emotional depth as a human. end rant.

but then my friends are going to the bar later. because i missed new year's in armidale and because i haven't seen these folks in a bit of time and because it's Friday Night and because i feel as though i should, i am unpicking the shoulderpads in a dress i bought for $6 at lifeline that i'm probably not going to actually wear so i can go out in a little bit for a tiny while.

because i don't want to miss out. sometimes i have the emotional strength to miss things, but not tonight.

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