Thursday, 27 March 2014

thrifted thursdays: restyle2013's photo-a-day opshop challenge, part 2

last week there was part 1, this week I have roughly another 10 parts to recap from my attempt at last year's opshop challenge. great fun!

i missed prompt 11, which was colour block - more on account of the fact i wasn't home to get the colour-blocked things... that's my excuse.

12. floral - bracelet and flower-shaped pin from whistler, floral long-sleeved shirt $4 at lifeline, and the most gorgeous crochet clutch, $4 from lifeline, armidale.

13. tying the know- purple plastic beads from who knows where, dior tie around the wrist from reuseit, whistler, and belt, savers in brunswick for a few hot dollars.

14. wool - cardigan from savers, brunswick. i used to get so much wear out of this in melbourne winters, and it got left in a bag when i moved to canada... thankfully the moths did not make a meal of it, and now i can love it once more.

15. leather - belt from lifeline, $6

16. opshop love - this is all my favourite things from opshops, set off nicely by cherry blossoms.

17. neon - the best i could do. a badge i picked up at work one day at reuseit, whistler.

18. less than $10 - these shirts were $4 each from an opshop of forgotten name in strawberry hills, sydney.

19. black and white - all the things were from reuseit, whistler. the best place to work is oftentimes an opshop. although there are trying days... but mostly there is just treasure.

20 was 'cocktail' and there was just nothing in my wardrobe. again, i have remedied this situation... never fear.

more treasures to be seen next thursday... stay tuned.

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