Thursday, 20 March 2014

thrifted thursdays: restyle2013's photo-a-day opshop challenge, part 1

The challenge, should you choose to accept it: each day of August, wear something from an opshop that matches with the day's prompt. While August 2013 was quite some time ago, I always intended to share with you my varying degrees of success at this monthly challenge - it's the only challenge I've nearly completed.

The prompts.

1. Pink lace skirt from Lifeline. $4.

2. Polka dot scarf. Borrowed thrifted from a friend.

3. White shirt with double breast and peter pan collar, $3 at church opshop in Brunswick, Glenlyon St.

4. mixed prints - patterned white and japanese and anchor, from various places

5. accessorize - sunglasses gleaned for $6 from savers, brunswick plus awesome italian wool infinity scarf from reuseit, whistler

 on Day 7 (customized) there was nothing. but don't worry, I've customized some things in time for the 2014 challenge...

8. scarf - gloriously impractical (for new england in winter) purple and pink silk scarf from reuseit, whistler. plus my lovely friend kate, who also partook in the challenge... it was she who passed this challenge on to me, incidentally.

9. bag - this one was going to go into the bin at the reuseit centre in whistler, where I worked - i saved it and shipped it back to Australia, and i have no regrets. prettied up with a 50c scarf from vinnes, armidale.

10. blazer - $6 at vinnies, armidale. it has a few moth holes and fake pockets, but i love it anyway.

 stay tuned for another 10, in good time. i'm just warning you that when we get to the end, i'm going to make a strong suggestion that you play along too, when it comes time. you have til august.

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