Tuesday, 18 March 2014

secret: thoughts on Tuesday

i am sitting here, eating a kitkat and drinking a glass of red wine, and you know, it's quite nice. i am so pleased with myself right now that i thought a self-indulgent post with a numbered list might be just about right for this evening.

here are some observations i have made to myself today. lucky you, i am going to share them with you.
  1.  sometimes, cats and dogs really can be friends. i think the key is to introduce them to each other when they're tiny, and they haven't had a chance to pick up on that cross-species backlash you see so frequently these days.
  2. there is nothing so wonderful as buying new underwear, especially when afore-mentioned new underwear has flamingos on it. hot tip - if you want your underwear to match my underwear, swing by big w, because they are selling underwear with flamingos on it right now, and they're not even sorry.
  3. the country is not as bad as they say. this thought struck me this afternoon as it so frequently does when house sitting for my lovely mum, sitting on the verandah with cats and dogs being friends all around me, open space and the gentle background moo of the cow. and gosh there's a whole bunch of fresh air out here!
  4. sometimes you may think you've lost something important to you, but in fact it is safe and nearby, merely hidden from your sight. case in point: that time when i thought i'd lost my iPhone. be calm, people, for the technology does not really want you to lose it. nor does the god of iPhones, St. Apple. it's probably under some paper on your desk.
  5. bob dylan is the business: tonight's favourite is "shelter from the storm" from blood on the tracks. it's lovely, and i shall learn to play it on guitar before too long. i'm sure dylan has some kind of misogynistic sexist racist flaws, but until i learn of them, i remain a fan. turns out even my ex couldn't put me off, such is the talent of dylan.

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