Thursday, 17 May 2012

travel: portland

so i decided i love portland a little bit. i went there on the weekend with my posse, which is kate, phill, grace and annica. my lovely cousin moya and her also lovely man-friend dusty showed us a few sights, fed us some whiskey and gave us some things to giggle about.

i've decided to share highlights by way of a list, as i am always fond of a good list. you guys like lists too, right?

reasons i love portland:
  • the sensible layout: N-S and E-W. i can deal with that. no curves in the roads thankyou.
  • the copious brew-pubs: we visited deschutes, rogue and rock bottom breweries. tasty and delicious. deserving of their own post really... we'll see how that goes.

  • the weekend markets. there were witty tshirts, there were hot dogs, there was beer, there were preachers and buskers with piano accordions and feather earrings (i am powerless before feather earrings)! we enjoyed these things and many more. love me a good market.
  • the river. the willamette river runs right through the centre of the city, which means it is a city of bridges. on the weekend there were many local folk taking full advantage of the shady trees and grass in the riverside park.
  • the people. most of the ones we met were friendly and happy. the enthusiasm for the beautiful weather over the weekend meant everyone was joyfully soaking up their share of vitamin D, and loving it.
  • cartlandia. the food carts open during the week, and saturday (not sunday as we very sadly learned), and oh the wonderous foods that you find there. $5 pad thai! german sausages! bubble tea! elephant ears (not real ones, portlandians aren't monsters)! 
  • powell's book store: a city block with 3 levels of books. 3 levels! city block! books!
  • eggs benny at the place with the funny books... i can't remember its name though, ask kate.
  • the hotel and the guy who always opened the front door for us. made me feel famous.
  • warm nights conducive to sitting outside with drinks, talking some talk and passing the last night with some of my favorites.

of course my favorite thing was the time spent with my friends, who i will miss for more than their good looks and their charm... but that's a story for another day.

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