Wednesday, 5 October 2011

secret: sober october

don't ask me why, but i'm doing sober october.

we've talked about it a little bit (me and the lovely kate jenkins) and i can't help but conclude in following her wisdom that maybe it's just "don't get drunk all the time" october. i know that doesn't rhyme and is therefore a little less catchy, but then, it's not really meant to be marketable. it's just meant to give my body a second to catch its breath before the madness that is winter descends and kills not only brain and liver cells, but also self-worth and dignity.

it's maybe not that bad. although halloween last year was a black mark on my respectable history. at least i think it was. i don't remember things.

5 hours worth of things. that's way too many.

i want to get really really fit for winter, and i cant do that if i'm drunk/hungover. so besides my birthday, and possibly thanksgiving, there shall be no heavy drinking. see? i've amended my goal with kate's sensible input. i had a glass of wine tonight while i ate a delicious meal cooked by ms jenkins, and we played cards (and totally won) and it was very civilized, and i liked it, and i might even do it again.

thanks kate, for teaching me it's ok to drink instead of not drinking for a month.

i like you.

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