Friday, 23 September 2011

treasure: whistler's rainy days


every year it comes and every year i struggle through it, only to forget the struggle on the flipside, and by that i mean, when the POW gets here.

and then it comes back again and WAH-BAM! Fall.

it is a struggle to keep balance. everyone feels it, everyone i speak with is working through the rain and the grumpy. all i really want is chocolate biscuits and cuddles. last Fall i did sober october. this year i am aiming for sober october plus strength training with the lovely lisa twice a week. plus i've cut wheat out again, on account of the whole... you know... intolerance.

it's an undertaking, but i shall at least try.

things to do in Whistler when it rains:

1) bond with strangers by discussing the shitty weather
2) obsessively check the weather forecast with hopes of either a sunny day or snow on the mtn
3) watch art of flight and that's it that's all a lot of times, and try and figure out if you can afford heli-boarding in alaska by mortgaging your spleen
4) spend a lot of time online looking at outerwear, reading board reviews, wishing you were a billionaire
5) jigsaw puzzles. they sell them at reuseit, but cannot guarantee that all the pieces are enclosed. do not get mad. do not ask for your money back. do not ask for the manager when the cashier will not give you your money back.
6) alcohol
7) go to vancouver and see bands
8) watch entire, 7 season tv shows.
9) thrift store shopping!
10) making high-stakes bets about when the mtn will open
11) pot luck dinners, thanksgiving dinners, other kinds of dinners.
12) meet a nice boy or girl
13) eat out at all the fancy places doing shoulder season specials. favorites include the rimrock and kypriakis.
14) start a blog
15) work out and get epic muscles in time for the mtn to open.

i think 15 is enough to keep you all busy.

good luck

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