Friday, 16 September 2011

treasure: the golden ones

i love to write, but i never end up putting pen to paper when i'm happiest. is it some sort of flaw that i only aim to capture happiness after the fact?

i am in love. so much love. my time in whistler just gets more and more golden with each passing day. i have the kinds of friends and family here that would make others jealous. i've never been so happy, or so alive. i'm even happy at home on my own tonight with a cup of tea listening to dubstep remixes of songs i like while i blog... (hah, self-reflexive much?).

these people, with whom i text every day, who leave flowers to greet me when i arrive home, who i will live with, love, laugh with, drink eat sleep and breathe with, these people are the golden ones. the ones that all end up at my house for an unplanned bbq, and stay to have Mortal Kombat battles. they are my Whistler.

i am afraid, for i have a lot to lose in the next 6 months. but i am not so afraid that i will stop throwing myself right into the middle of my life, as my life is happening now, and i guess that's really what whistler has taught me. to grab things and love them to little bits while they're up for grabbing and loving.

whistler can get ugly, it can ruin you, or it can be the best time you ever had in your life. i want to talk about these days when i am old. i want to see all these people again, and reminisce about a different time. maybe soon we will all be responsible and committed to things. but we will always have the joyous memory of labor day, laying on a balcony covered with mattresses, drawing on each other with markers and facepaint, so pleased with the cleverness of us, ze Family, who got it right and beautiful for one day, and spent that day together.

i want my life to be a motley collection of "remember that time when" 's.

that is all i ask.

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