Saturday, 14 May 2011

treasure: a may (almost) powder day

so to be honest, the powder day was yesterday.

but sometimes, and i know this will shock you, dear readers, i am a little slow on the uptake... guess i got the wrong day off.

whistler is really quiet right now. it's just locals and tumbleweed blowing along the village stroll. maybe a little less tumbleweed on the weekends, but generally, it's "shoulder season", or more dramatically, "dead season".

which makes me rub my hands together with glee on a day like today: bluebird and a $5 breakfast at la brasserie. friends, housemates, hangovers (not mine, i was in bed by 11 and dead to the world by probably 11:02), roughly 5 cups of coffee... we dragged ourselves up the hill by 12, which i feel is an admirable effort.

kate and phill were my shredding crew today, and let me tell you there is no finer brother/sister combo out there. i will not be challenged on this point. there was witty banter, there was heavy encouragement from kate to try ollies (i tried, i had a reasonable success rate even), there was bare arse (yeah thanks phill, keep it in your pants buddy, i don't care how many GNAR points it's worth), there was sunburn, there was a pitcher of beer thrown in the mix.

i'm not going to sugar coat it for you, the snow was pretty shitty. sticky mcstickerson is the correct terminology i believe. it's a wierd feeling when your body is expecting to go faster than your board is actually going. we had a run down seventh, and despite there being "fresh lines" it was pretty tough going. props go to fabel who finally hiked (or should i say, made his bitch) DOA. i was a little nervous for his life when i saw they'd actually closed the bowl due to high avalanche risk, on threat of revoking your pass... they were serious. but so was he. it's a pretty good story, but his to tell. for me, it's on the list for next season. just gotta grow some balls before then, not sure how to do that...

we rode down glacier, and i got about 3/4 of a fresh line. all to myself, basically. chyeah i know how jealous you are, i'm even jealous of me. haha.

riding lower down the mountain is definitely better when the snow is sticky up high. it's hard to explain, but it looks a little like grains of sugar, all slushy. the sound it makes under your board is different.

it made me happy to be up there. life has been more than a little hectic for me lately, but the peace (dare i say serenity) of a board under your feet, some tunes in your ear and some good friends around, plus the glorious vitamin d beaming down on me, was just right.

life crystallizes and everything is very simple.

and that's why i suspect it's probably all going to be o.k.

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