Saturday, 2 October 2010

day 22. what makes you different from everyone else

i'm not different from everyone else.

i fall in love, i have warm red blood, i get hangovers, i like brownies, i'm happy when i get my way.

i write and i play guitar. i am a bowerbird collector type.

still this does not make me different from everyone else.

i wear perfume every day of the week. i avoid physical contact. i change my mind all the time. people generally like me but sometimes they forget me.

i never get introduced by anyone.

still, no, no differences to other people there.

i used to feel that no-one could ever know or understand me, and it used to make me melancholy. now i sort of feel that i was hoping i'd meet someone who could read my mind. i think i've grown out of it.

i am not a unique and beautiful snowflake, in the immortal words of brad pitt's tyler durden in fight club.

i'm ok with it.

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