Friday, 17 September 2010

day 12. how you found out about blogger and why you made one

ellie had a blog for years. i read it fairly often, then didnt have the internet and didnt read it for ages, then got the internet and read it most days. which i hope ellie knows.

one time i commented to ellie that maybe i should have a blog, and she said to me 'yes but nothing exciting ever happens to you'. so i decided not to get one. it wasn't that awesome to be told by my best friend that my life was boring, but i was old and married, and she was right.

then i moved away and everything changed, shall we say, got more interesting, and one night i discovered indea my stepsister had a blog, and her friend gaby also had one, and i liked them. so i decided it was time.

it was meant to be about awesome things i scored from the thrift store i work at, interspersed with introspective bullshit, but it's sort of side-tracked into enjoyable sludge.

i like blogging. it's comfy.

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