Monday, 13 September 2010

day 06. a favourite super hero and why.

i had a think about it and i guess it has to be batman. several reasons.

  • he's just an ordinary guy with no superpowers, but lots of amazing gadgets, and the will to put himself out there, protect gotham from evil...
  • he has a deep batman-style voice
  • he's a romantic
  • he has a good sense of humour, even if it only appears now and then
  • they've had great picks for batmans in the movies... excepting michael keaton, but i'm sure he was hot in the 80s/90s, he's just not my type.
i also feel his costume is one of the best ones. i love superman but can never get my head around the concept that he just puts on his glasses and becomes clark kent. i like batman's mask, his cape and his symbol most of all.

however, while finding a batman pic on google, i found this, and i think she is probably my new favourite superhero:

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