Monday, 31 May 2010

secret: i love it when someone cooks me dinner

it is very interesting to be single. i have effectively been single for a year now (even though the exboy only gave up on the long-distance in september).

this town is basically the most impossible place to meet anyone but a onenightstand. i am not a onenightstand kind of girl.

when you're single, everything is about you. it is quite wonderful. i don't have to check with anyone about what groceries i buy. i don't have to explain myself when i spend all my money on something sparkly, resulting in having to eat potatoes for the next 2 weeks. i come home when i want, or i sleep on someone's couch instead. and nobody has any say in it.

but just now and then i think longingly of how nice it is to have someone cook dinner for you.

i would like roast lamb please.

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