Friday, 28 May 2010

the elaboration

i collect treasures from the secondhand store where i work.

i collect secrets, but these are incidental. sometimes i just let them flutter about in my head, like moths.

i think collecting is about holding onto things. to fill myself and my personal space and my bookshelves.

holding onto things is alright, as long as sometimes you let them go. like when you own 12 pairs of sunglasses, but alas, have only one face to wear them on.

so i'll try this blog on for size and see how it fits. the inspiration came to me at 2am this morning when i discovered indea stepsister has a blog (sometimes i read gaby's blog and i found hers that way). i like to see into other people's heads. i think maybe i would like to see into mine. from a great height.

i also collect pictures of myself i have taken with webcam. to provide evidence to myself that i am pretty in the right lighting.

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