Tuesday, 21 January 2014

treasure: taking stock

Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes posted a Taking Stock post today and I thought I'd play along.

Playing along is getting me back into the swing of things, that's for sure.

Making : study for my accounting exam a Priority (gah)
Cooking : easy summer foods, like delicious salads with purple cabbage in them
Drinking : champagne, to celebrate my new job!
Reading: Ghost World by Daniel Clowes, Best of Lifted Brow vol. 1, Intimate Ephemera: Reading Young Lives in Australian Zine Culture by Anna Poletti
Wanting: more time! have packing and studying to do, lots in a short amount of time.
Looking: for private health insurance (2014: the year I do grown up things)
Playing: Sia's Elastic Heart from the Catching Fire soundtrack over and over
Deciding: how to spend my Australia Day weekend
Wishing: to somehow skip the next month of craziness and just have it all sorted and dealt with
Enjoying: cold beers from the New England Brewing Company on the weekend just passed
Waiting: to start a new job
Liking: exploring my wardrobe before I pack it up to move
Wondering: when it will start cooling down again??
Loving: double rainbows on Sunday afternoons
Pondering: my next set of feminist friday blog posts
Considering: another cup of coffee
Watching: Girls season 3 interspersed with Gossip Girl season 4 interspersed with Stuck in Love
Hoping: that my run of good things continues
Marvelling: at how fast January has passed me by
Needing: a big clean out of my wardrobe before I move
Smelling: 'lovely' by sarah jessica parker - mum's latest favourite perfume
Wearing: a pink and purple vintage dress (see thursday's post, when it comes)
Following: conversation on my cousin's Facebook about this article
Noticing: the weight lifted from my shoulders now I'm not staring down unemployment!
Knowing: that I am going to drink cold beer when I get home
Thinking: about how delicious homegrown grapes are when they come straight from the fridge
Feeling: hot and a bit bothered
Admiring: Cate Blanchett
Sorting: email to keep from the SPAM of it all
Buying: zines from Take Care Zine Distro
Getting: thirsty for coffee... iced coffee, maybe
Bookmarking: junkee.com
Disliking: again, the heat. c'mon, summer... I'm done with you! I only like you when I get to lay on the beach, or drink frosty beverages on the deck
Opening: farewell gifts from swedish ladies
Giggling: at Clem Ford's latest awesomeness
Feeling: filled to the brim with plans and anticipation for 2014!


  1. Congratulations on your new job! Frosty beers were certainly the only way to cope with the heat last weak. Also I am eager to read your next lot of feminist friday posts! :)

    1. Thanks Reanna :) Yep, nothing fixes troubles like frosty beers! Also very excited to start a new job... 2014 is a year of change already.
      Feminist Fridays are an exciting thing looming, I think starting again properly next week. Have so many blog ideas and so little time...

  2. Ha, snap, in my taking stock I was drinking the New Englander Brown Ale :) Sure has been a hot summer up that way, that's for sure.