Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday Feminism: ALL the ideas

Hey lovelies!

I started on Friday Feminism last year in September as it became a topic I wanted to expand upon more and more. I had some great feedback which I really appreciated, and so of course I plan to continue with it this year. There are all sorts of ideas bubbling about in my brain, and while I haven't got a post on one of them ready for today, I thought I'd share with you the sorts of things I want to investigate more this year, as that will probably set the tone of my blog posts.

So here's a list, which I may or may not adhere to. I make no promises, except that there will be words on Fridays, and they will be about feminism. Also, some of these might be podcasts... or even vlogs... just for the sake of experimentin'.
  • women's groups, feminist groups, female friendship
  • zines & zine culture, including riot grrl zines, my zine making, the zines of others (maybe zine reviews, even)
  • acts of feminist rebellion
  • women I admire vs women who confuse me
  • more in the 'your body is your body' series, looking at body positivity, labels like fat and skinny and healthy and fit and curvy and all of the things
  • feminist fashion
  • intersectionality with a bit of a discussion on what kind of feminist I am
  • sexuality and a bit of gender studies theory dabbling
  • my favourite books written by women, as well as ones I've been meaning to read
  • Bechdel-testing movies and TV shows
  • imagining a feminist utopia and trying to figure out what might help to get us there
  • feminism in social media- trolling and fighting in the comments section
There's a few meaty topics there, but boy oh boy I am excited to give this list a red-hot go.

Anything you'd like me to discuss? Just let me know in the comments.

Let's do this!


  1. Helen have you seen Miss and Mister's post today?

    Can't wait to read from all of these topics...especially feminist rebellion. I do love me a bit of rebellious action.

    1. I will head on over to check out Bridie's post - finding it's one of those things you can't un-think once you've thought it, the Bechdel testing thing.

      Thanks for reading, it's nice to have you on board :) x

  2. Oh snap! I just wrote a post on Bechdel testing and kids films!

    The idea of feminism and fashion seems like such a hairy topic - so many varying and valid angles - I'm really interested to see how you approach it.

    1. Just headed over to check out your post, Bridie!

      Yes, I'm not quite sure what I want to say about it yet, just a few half-baked notions so far. Still, that's what the blog's here for, I think. So many things to say and so little time!

      Thanks for popping by x