Sunday, 1 December 2013

secret: those quiet times

i haven't been managing to write as much lately. it comes around now and then, that i just have too much life to live and not enough time to capture it in words.

i'm also a firm believer in the basic need to feed your soul with inspirational things and let them marinate. inspiration of late includes:

1. road trips to byron bay, howling along to/perfecting my version of blackstreet's 'no diggity'
2. thrift shopping after taking a break from thrift shopping
3. organising my room
4. kittens
5. cleaning Maude the Mazda, and putting lots of love and good vibes into her, planning adventures
6. picking up my guitar again, and vowing to one day soon have my calluses back
7. making collages
8. zines! more arrived in the post, and i am obsessed now
9. sending and receiving postcards
10. impending visits of friends
11. coffee and farmers markets with a new old friend
12. the second hunger games movie, catching fire
13. unpacking another stash of clothes and finding more wonderful summer things to wear
14. rain and green grass that comes afterwards
15. rockvale, and dreams of my tiny home
16. staying put, but also planning trips away
17. saving money and imagining what i'm going to be able to do with it
18. exercise
19. taking myself on a date in the sunday summer afternoon sun
20. breathing in the air

these are some of the things that have been inspiring me lately. i will write some tales of these things soon. for now, here is a pretty picture i took recently. it's a cronut. it's amazing. i ate it up.

happy first day of summer, you all.


  1. You ate a cronut?!??? Where from? Arrgh!!!

    1. I thought I'd replied to this - sorry! Our local bakery/cafe in Armidale, NSW makes them every Saturday, which just *happens* to be my cafe day. It's called the Goldfish Bowl and is my absolute favourite cafe, because it's just hip enough I can pretend I'm in Melbourne... coffee is Melbourne-quality also, and perfect for washing down cronut.