Sunday, 1 December 2013

30daypictureschallenge: Day 19

feels like falling in love, or making wishes...

this illustration actually got donated to the opshop where i used to work, along with another. they are beautiful and delicate - pencil i think. as with so many things that came through the opshop, these could have easily been crumpled or torn in a pile of other things, but thankfully i was at the door with my hands empty and open for artworks, and so i nabbed them for myself. 

it means they have been on walls in many of the houses i've lived in since, and there really have been a lot of those. i tire of moving house. i want to stay put for a while now, in the same room, with all my pretty thistle drawings staying still on the walls and decorating my life.

i'm making a wish for it.

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