Saturday, 6 August 2011

poem challenge: a gap in the traffic

sometimes it is that
the world just expands with
the weightlessness of possibility,
a gap in the traffic
to step through and gasp at.

i admire the ones who jump out of planes
and assumes shoots/chutes will open, or
make peace with it
-a serene but defiant "meh, fuck it" mantra
to breathe in as you step out of a perfectly good airplane.

i think to myself, i may not have been
much, or significant, or anything
but there are people here that i belong to
and love little holes into
who think i mean something
whos stories i want to hear (and they to tell).

these are the people i'm not trying to
impress, who i love and respect and can
mutter quiet secrets to

(oh god, no-one's ever gonna love me)

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