Monday, 15 August 2011

happy birthday: kate and phill

dear kate and phill,

it may be more than a month later, but i want to wish you a very happy birthday.

i started with great intentions. we've all had them.

i think you two are pretty much the best things since sliced bread, or, in a more apt metaphor (as i am in fact intolerant to wheat), the best things since powder days. is that a metaphor?

kate would know, and kate, that's why i love you. well it's not the only reason...

i love you because you have stylish sunglasses, because you plank the shit out of stuff, because you are a rad skier (who is so rad she comes to snowboarding movie premieres)...

i love you because you love tea and because i love tea too and because that one time you brought me some tea and i was happy because it tasted nice.

i love you for that other time when you and i invited poncho mcponcherson and it was quite funny, even if the boys didn't laugh.

i love you for the random quote of yours i found written down in my phone the other day-

on the 25th of july (day after the party, and phill's actual birthday): "Did you say popcorn? You're a fucking legend".

you are generous and funny, nice to everyone but discerning in a way that makes me feel like i'm a little bit more awesome than the general public. it's that general feeling of exclusitivity... how do i spell that?

and as for you phillip.

you are my brother from another mother (and that's the only time we're bringing anyone's mother into this). you're the best voicemail message leaver probably of all time, and then some. i like the way you leave the number twice in a very clear and professional manner.

i like the way you have only 3 tshirts.

i love you for your love of shredding. your enthusiasm shaped my whole season last year, a lot more than you know, for your sheer dedication and excitement for the pow. and what pow it was. i love you for always trying to get me to try new things on a board, even if i ended up a little chickenshit sometimes.

i don't like actually seeing your bum so often, but i can definitely appreciate the sentiment behind the regular/constant bum revelations. it's the devil may care attitude. i can respect that, for sure.

i love you for your unwavering love of beards.

between the two of you i have found friends i know i'll have on into Life, wherever it may end up happening. i know we'll probably have at least 2 drinks together at some trashy Armidale pub in the not-too-distant future.

you inspire me with your general enjoyment of activities, and the excellent camping set up you have in your car. i like that it is ready to go at any time.

you also inspire me with the million small things of every day since i met you which make you not only an awesome couple, but just the best darn individual people i've had the pleasure of meeting in quite a while.

love to you both.

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