Thursday, 11 July 2013

secret: an update on my july challenge: rediscovered lady tunes (and some pretty awesome covers, too)

So my July challenge is to dedicate a month of my music-listening time to women. I'm thankful I've already had some great suggestions and have already put a few of them onto my (hopefully one day) infamous Maude's Mix CDs (for the van).

Week One was wonderful (hah, that just reminded me of that move, That Thing You Do, where the band wants to call themselves the One-ders and they have to be convinced to instead settle on the Wonders). I spent some quality youtube time at the start of the week, I made a girls-only gym mix for my iPod and a girls-only driving mix for Maude-travel-times. The hit of youtube was this cover by the lovely Sarah Blackwood who is also know as the lovely blonde part of Walk off the Earth.

I think it's just lovely, especially since I love Weezer so. I made it track one on the CD, which means unless I skip it (and why on earth would I do that?) I hear it every time I start the van. Well, once I eject and re-insert the CD into the CD player. High tech all up in here.

Some thoughts and queries so far:
Can women rock out? Like really, lose-their-minds, rockstar cool styles? There's some incredible strength in the women I've been listening to in Week One; the range and emotion in Florence Welch's voice, the soul and mystery (with goosebumps) of Lana Del Ray; the heart-on-the-sleeve of Tegan and Sara. Haim are pretty good listening too. But I'm yet to be quite sure. Still on my list are PJ Harvey, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (I saw them live and now love Karen O a little bit, without knowing a lot about her), Sleater Kinney (because I have a growing admiration of Carrie Brownstein after reading this interview), Patti Smith, The Donnas and Neko Case. Just to name a few.

Week Two is about the golden oldies. They'll get a write-up on the weekend.

Also: I think I need to buy a stereo.

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